Biometric Z-Wave Lock

I have been in search of a biometric z-wave lock for my system (IQ 2+) to replace my Kwikset z-wave lock. I have no issues with the kwikset lock over the last few years but I notice code sharing starting to happen upon family members and thought fingerprint would be a cool feature. I stumbled upon this Westinghouse lock and in theory I feel like it should work but its a lot of $ to take a gamble on.

Westinghouse RTS Z-Wave Lock

If anyone has any insight on this product or any other biometric devices that would work with it would be appreciated.

Currently there are not biometric locks compatible with

The Westinghouse RTS-PZA commercial lever lock is compatible. but not the biometric version.

I agree, that would be cool! I’d be happy to pass this request along.

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Yes, if you could, I think it would be a great addition to their lineup to offer some biometrics or even a facial recognition lock.


Or a device by the door that does all the above. Disarm the system and unlock the door via fingerprint, RFID, facial recognition. The ability to have a video conversation via a oled screen (like facetime each other when they ring the doorbell).