Best way to set image sensor not to report an alarm when tripped.

My image sensor was tripped while we were out of town and I missed the call from the monitoring center.

I got a nice picture of our 3 small dogs on the images.

I switched the sensitivity to low but I wanted a way I can test it for a few weeks so I don’t have anymore false alarms.

What’s the best way to do this?

Setting the Zone type to (23) No response Type (for 2GIG) or (25) Local Safety (for Qolsys/GE) and creating a sensor activity notification would let you see whenever it is set off during a period of time, but not result in any alarms from that sensor itself.

thank you.

it is gonna false with small animals. Mine does all the time.

The reason I haven’t completely replaced all my PIRs is because the Image sensors are subpar to them (range isn’t as good, and pet immunity is lacking on high sensitivity, it only really works on low sensitivity). Once you set it to low sensitivity, detection range is significantly reduced (I average like 10’ - 15’ or so which is basically useless to cover entry points, multiple windows and an entire floor area). it is a trade off.

For those with Qolsys, it is even worse (normal sensitivity, with no option to change it (perhaps this has changed?), and excessive delays with image capture uploads.

They are excellent cameras, and don’t require the cloud video addon (IR is weak though), if you supplement the lighting for night vision (I use zwave lights that turn on in alarm events that effectively extend visual camera range to approx. 30’-40’). Passive infared detection is only around 20’-25’ even on high sensitivity for alarm triggers.

With my regular PIR, I get close to 35’ - 40’ detection range.

for example:

pitch black, minimal/no light:

zwave light automation for alarm events:

If they keep tripping the sensors on low than I’ll just sell the image sensors.

I have the one honeywell microwave sensors covering the main part of the house and all of my areas where the image sensor has sensors on every entry point.

I got 2 image sensors bulk package brand new for a sweet deal and I’ll just sell them if I keep having issues. I figured Id try one of them out to see if it worked well or not.

Image Sensors can still be useful even when not used to generate alarms themselves as they can snap images when an alarm is generated by a different sensor.

How do I set that up? Is that under the rules section?

image sensor rules & alerts

Thank you.