Best Pet Immune Motion Detector over 40 lbs

What’s the best pet detector currently for pets Over 40 lbs? We have a dog right around 40 pounds who triggers the motion sensors we have currently. We have an IQ2+. Thanks!

What I can recommend is move the motion detector to about 4 ft off the ground and turn it upside down so it’s not look down but looking out and up

There are some things to look out for with pet immunity. What model of motion detector are you currently using?

If the motion detector is not mounted at the correct height, the pet immunity may not work as intended. The correct height will depend on the model.

Also, in some cases pet immunity will still just not be as effective as expected due to the environment or activity of the pet. For example, cats are still very difficult to filter due to their climbing high up on furniture.

A dog jumping up on furniture within range may likewise cause false alarms. You may need to keep their favorite furniture out of the detector field of view.

I’m currently using the IQ motion detector. It’s mounted at about 7’2.

The height is a bit off. The manual states a 7’6" requirement. The lower it is mounted, generally the less effective pet immunity will be.

It has a 40 pound limit (this is very general and will depend more on the size and height of the pet) so this may or may not help in this specific case, but I would try bumping that up to 7’6" first.

Mounting it a couple inches higher, like 7’8" or so may decrease range slightly but may help with pet immunity if it is still a problem.

If that does not work is there another pet immune motion detector you would recommend? Thanks.

If that does not resolve the issue the PG9914 may be a better choice, with Pet immunity up to 85lbs

Thanks so much

Does this work with IQ2 panel? Currently using the IQ motion sensor same as on your website and my 25 pound beagle trips it. We always arm in stay mode because of it and I’d like to be able to have motion detection

The IQ Panel 2+ has a PowerG radio and is compatible with PowerG sensors.