Best path for adding wireless sensors to a Vista20P

Hello! I am looking to add wireless sensors to a wired Vista20P system.
When Surety eventually gets the SEM-300 back in stock, I will install that so I can utilize I want to install some wireless sensors in addition to the wired sensors I already have.

Question - For going wireless, would a 6160RF keypad or the ADC 5883H Transceiver achieve the same objective? I already have two 6160s installed, and thought I could swap out one of them for the RF version.

Swap one the keypads out for 6160rf

Yes, a 6160RF would be a good option, and may actually be better suited for wireless signaling depending on the layout. Often the transceiver is left in the basement, which can hinder signal if near a lot of metal.

Ok, I’ll go that route then. Thanks Gents!