Best Glass break for Qolsys IQ 4

Hi, I am finally kicking out Vivint and will replace with the Surety Qolsys IQ 4. I have large dogs and currently 2 glass breaks that are apparently not compatible since they are Vivint.
The IQ detector is out of stock and 30 dollars more on Amazon. Is there something else I can use that will give my at least 20 foot range to cover 2 windows in each direction? I see a lot of topics on Qolsys IQ2 but nothing on the IQ 4.

The QS1431-840 IQ Glass Break is actually back in stock today if you prefer that model and you are going with a standard 319.5 mhz version of the IQ Panel 4.

The same options would apply to the IQ Panel 4 and IQ Panel 2+ equally with regard to sensors. They have the same sensor radio options and in general the same sensor compatibility list.

Another option would be the PG9922 PowerG glass break.

What is the model number of your current glass breaks?

Attached is my current Vinint glass break. Im not stuck on the IQ model if there is a better option the has good 360 and farthest range so I can get by with one. Im going down from 3 with Vivint.

Thank you, yes that is correct the GB2 model is not compatible with any of the systems we support.

The PG9922 or the IQ Glass Break would be the recommended options generally.

Is DSC PG9922 coming back to the store anytime soon?

That model has been on back order through our distributors for some time now. I cannot guarantee an ETA but it sounds like we anticipate stock to be available next month.