best door \ window contact for the qolsys panel?

I’m about to order the qolsys panel.

Is one door contact better then another(more reliable, better wireless signal, etc? In that same line of thinking, I’m also going to order a pet immune motion (maybe two). Is one better then another. Lastly, do the motions work with active cats (jumping on furniture, etc?


I prefer the RE122 door/window sensor because of the size. I have found it to be just as reliable as the less expensive, but significantly bulkier RE101.

The RE110P is a great motion detector, but I would not use it with cats at all. When you use the word “Active” and talk about jumping on furniture I feel the need to express those feelings even more strongly. (I have seen them work rarely with cats, but only cats that are older, don’t do much moving around and don’t climb on furniture.)

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I have to ask, any reliable news the new 2gig gc3 will be out soon (as in a month or so)? I have heard rumors that it will ship next month but they don’t seem so reliable as they have made no formal announcements yet.

It would be unfortunate if I ordered the qolsys and the gc3 was released a few weeks later with some killer features but I’m guessing thats unlikely.

And my cat is jumping around as I type :slight_smile:

There is no definitive release date yet unfortunately, no. I would guess November is not very likely at all. That said, I do expect it soon.

I’m using both the RE122 and the GE micro model (TX 1201) or something like that. Both have been great. Mine are all on windows, I’m using recessed door sensors.