Best controller

I’d like to put an system in my office. Is the 2gig go panel still the best panal or should I be looking at this new one you have?



Well, it is rather difficult to proclaim any panel as the “best.”

Some quick distinctions I would say sets 2GIG and Qolsys apart:

  • Users new to security systems will probably have an easier time setting up and programming a Qolsys panel from factory settings. It is a more folder-driven operating system. By that I mean the programming options are organized a bit more deliberately and logically, split among menu buttons that are labeled to lead you in the right direction. 2GIG opted for more of a “toss it all in one pot” approach (although programming for sensors, keyfobs, keypads, etc. follow a distinct progression.)
  • Qolsys uses an Android OS to run its panel, which leads to the above benefit.
  • Qolsys currently has dual-path communication (cell and broadband) so that you have the best of both worlds. 2GIG is soon to release an IP communicator, which means they will both have this capability.
  • 2GIG’s day-to-day operating functions (arm/disarm, bypass, etc.) still feel slightly more refined than Qolsys’ (to me, although this may be reflective of just having more experience with the established 2GIG product than the relatively new Qolsys panel) however, Qolsys does offer some additional programming options 2GIG does not to customize the user control.
  • 2GIG is less expensive. Qolsys has packed a lot of stuff in the panel, and it makes it a little pricier option.

The bottom line is that regardless of the control panel that you choose, the control interface is identical. The only differences may lie in future updates where hardware additions in the Qolsys panel have exclusive supported features (like the Qolsys built-in camera possibly uploading disarm and alarm photos to

Additional discussion can be found here.

I am new to DIY security, but here are my 2 cents…

I don’t know if this is true for Qolsys, but there are a lot of sensors I can use on my 2gig panel. I have setup sensors from 2gig, Honeywell, resolution products and iON Security based on which sensor had the best physical fit and features. Honeywell in particular seems to have a broad set of wireless door/window contact sensors to choose from. I love that I have all of these options available.

There seems to be a large community around 2gig panels - on this forum and others. I also like that programming manuals are readily available and the firmware is upgradable. I’m sure most of the above is also true of Qolsys, with the exception of the large community of users. That was important to me since I’m going to DIY route.

EDIT: There is a GE compatible version on Encore’s website that may work with Qolsys:

Not sure if this is important to you, but I ordered an Encore Firefighter - another vendor compatible with 2gig:

I have seven hardwired BRK SA320CN dual sensor (ionization and photoelectric) smoke detectors in the house. The above Encore Firefighter will bridge those into my 2gig alarm panel - doesn’t seem to be available for Qolsys.