Below temp threshold

I had an issue with my Smoke detectors which you helped partialy resolve on a differnt forum (did not realize you had one here also). I am still having an issue with the detectors showing the following on the site:

9 Basement Freeze Detector Below temp threshold Low temperature N/A
15 Downstairs Freeze Detector Below temp threshold Low temperature N/A

Also did you have any recommdations on the proper location for the CO sensor?

Appericate the help.


Oops… I must have only fixed it for the heat zones and not the freeze zones. Is it OK now?

For anyone else having the same problem…

This is a known issue with and 2GIG smoke detectors. It doesn’t happen often but we see it from time to time. The first step to resolve is to arm and disarm twice in a row - arm, disarm, arm, disarm. I’m told that this works sometimes but it doesn’t always work. If it doesn’t then we need clear the smokes status for you on the back end.

Hi Kevin,

Do you have a 2GIG CO Sensor? If so, the best place to install that would be somewhere in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. 2GIG suggests that they are installed at least 6 inches from the ceiling on the wall. I would definitely not suggest installing it in your basement if you were planning to, especially nowhere near the furnace.

The basement and furnace areas will already be likely to have a higher level of CO than anywhere else in the house. Installing the sensor in those locations will increase the likelihood of false alarms.

Ryan that fixed it. Thanks

I guess I should have been more specific with my question. It is a 2gig sensor that I plan on putting in my upstairs hallway outside the bedrooms. My question was more to wall/celing mount, height, ect. So it sounds like I should place on the wall atleast 6 inches below the ceiling. Are there recommendations of a min height or is 6 inches of the ceiling the optimal spot?

Wall‐mounted detectors should be positioned at least as high as a light switch, and at least six inches (15cm) from the ceiling. In a ceiling location, the detector should be at least 12 inches (30cm) from any wall.