Bedroom Window question

Sorry if this has been previously covered but I could not find it if so. I have an existing system and would like to add some protection for 2 bedrooms. I have 2 kids that have ground floor bedrooms. I was looking at the 2GIG Combined Shock Sensor Window Contact (SC2G-THNSHK) as an option for their bedrooms. My question about this product is does it allow the windows to be opened? In the summer it would be nice for them to have an option to open the window without setting off the alarm. Thanks for any help.

question about this product is does it allow the windows to be opened?

Of course it does. Its just a dw10 with a shock attached to pane.

The combined shock/open-close sensor can monitor both opening the window and the strike of hard objects against the glass.

When mounting this sensor, the wireless open/close sensor (the DW10) is mounted to the window, magnet on the frame, so that when sliding the window open, the alarm will sound. The shock sensor is wired into the DW10 and placed on the glass itself so the wires have no impact on opening the window.

You can bypass the window open/close zone individually from the shock zone if you want to leave a window cracked open. If you don’t want to use the window open/close alarm function at all you can leave it out of programming entirely, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

You can also buy extra magnets and mount them to accommodate the “window cracked open” position to avoid having to bypass the zone when the window is cracked open (as these fine folks have suggested to me in the past, and I have done successfully).

^^ This is also true. Just make sure there is a fair deal of space in between the two magnet positions to avoid the magnets impacting each others’ magnetic field.

Thanks for all the prompt help!