Battery plugged, unplugged, plugged

Some strange things happening on my panel the past couple of days. I keep getting a status alert for the battery being unplugged then plugged. It’s happening maybe once an hour but it’s not a fixed schedule to the minute.

This morning I removed the panel from the wall while it said unplugged, removed the 12v from the ac transformer and the panel ran fine in battery. I checked the battery connections and they look and feel properly connected.

What gives?

This issue has been noticed a few times. If you do not notice the battery cable being physically loose, it may be related to the linked thread.

Sounds like some of the batteries in a couple Qolsys panel revisions may have longevity issues. Can you provide the serial number off of the battery sticker?

We can discuss with Qolsys to see if a replacement can be sent. (Typically warranty is a year)

Thanks Warren. I hadn’t seen that other thread or I’d have commented there instead.

I will say that my battery level is also reporting 88% so it might be related.

I’ll try to get a pic of th back of the battery when I get home. I’ve had the panel for more than a year but I hope that if there’s a defect it would still be covered. This is potentially a safety of life issue.

Actually, something to test since this battery is still working regardless of these messages:

Unplug power to the IQ panel and allow the battery to drain normally for 2 hours or so. After a few hours, plug the power supply back in and the battery should start to recharge normally.

We expect this should resolve the issue and get rid of the “unplugged” messages. The battery is likely not physically failing unless power is fully lost upon unplugging the power supply.

OK, I’m trying this now. Will report back.

That didn’t work, I’m still getting the error.

I left the unit powered by the battery for a good two hours.

Did the error go away for any length of time after?

Qolsys indicated they have seen this on batteries that have not seen much use, and that a drain cycle will help. One last thing you’ll want to test is letting the battery drain until low battery is reported, then power back up to let the battery recharge.

If that does not resolve the issue then only a new battery would. If it is a warranty scenario you’ll want to email You can reference this thread and the customer service team will be happy to assist!

No, there was no relief at all. I unplugged the panel on Thursday around 11a local time and restored power around 1p. Almost immediately once power was restored, there was a fresh battery unplugged alert. They’ve been happening regularly since then as they were prior to that test.

How long does the battery last approximately? Since none of my home control stuff works on battery I need to prep my household for the apocalypse :stuck_out_tongue:

How long does the battery last approximately?

Depending on usage they should go at least 24 hours. Low battery will likely result in less than half that time.

6-8 hours of normal use should be sufficient to ensure the battery has been drained enough that if this would ever work, it’ll work.