Battery Issue with Takeover Module

We are getting notifications that many of our sensors and motion detectors are having a low battery issue. The problem is that these sensors and other items are not battery operated or powered. Do you know why we are getting these notifications and how to stop them? (We do have a takeover module installed in the old security system box, and I’m wondering if it could be the bigger battery in the box?) Thanks.

Yes this would most likely indicate that the large 12v battery in your old box is malfunctioning as it is providing power for your takeover zones.

How long have you had the Takeover Module set up? If it was set up and working properly for some time and just recently you are seeing the low battery report, this could indicate that the battery connected to the Takeover Module is low and may need to be replaced. If you test the battery do you get the proper output?

However, if you just recently installed the takeover module and its always been reporting a low battery, this could indicate that the Takeover Module was not set up in the proper order.
This video should help you get it set up properly.

I’m having the same issue. Replaced the large 12V lead acid battery but all devices are still showing up as low battery. Do i have to reset something or is the new battery likely low as well (it’s not new, i had it lying around)?

You will want to power cycle the panel any time the 12v battery is replaced for a TAKE. The TAKE should be powered up with battery prior to panel powering up to ensure accurate reporting.

Thanks! Do you mean power cycle the main 2gig go!control panel or the old panel that the battery is charged through?

Ah, sorry, the 2GIG Go!Control Panel should be powered up after the TAKE. power cycle the 2GIG Panel. That should resolve the issue if the battery is not indeed low.