When will suretycam have the batt2x 2600mah batteries?

It is not something we have slated to add to the website. I do see a request was made this morning to add it, but as its not currently planned there is no ETA.

OK. Well then that leaves lowvoltagesupply and buy2gig as the only dealers that sell the new 2GIG panel extended 2600mah replacement battery packs ($32-$34)

I’ll order one.


I am not a big fan of these NI-MH battery packed used by 2GIG/Linear. They are not designed for trickle charging (they are designed for high drain devices), and if you are lucky to make one last three years it is pretty much shot anyways. There is no way it will provide 24 hr standby with 4 minutes of alarm activation (after 3 yrs).

Basically any panel manufactured/in use since 2011 has a battery that is shot, and needs to be replaced.

They shoulda went with Li-ION battery backups…

What applications are not good places to use NiMH batteries? Any situation where the battery is not used within a 30 day period or low energy draw devices..