Basement Motion Sensor

I just installed a basement motion sensor (Honeywell 5800PIR) a couple of days ago. Went to the basement yesterday evening - the sensor has shown a status of activated ever since versus switching to idle after a period of time. No one has been in the basement since around 9pm last night. Just checked alarm status - shows armed away with basement sensor showing as active. Any thoughts on what’s going on?


What is the result of a sensor test at the panel?

Does the basement motion report when you activate it during the test? (Keep in mind to allow a few minutes of rest time before going to walk in front of the detector)

Have you alarm tested this sensor? This page goes over testing instructions. You can set your account on test mode with the central station (to avoid calls) and then arm your system away. Does this motion trip the alarm?

We’ll want to determine if the sensor itself is staying open or if it is a reporting error.

Is the motion programmed as zone type (04) interior follower on loop 1?

Riven, it’s definitely programmed as interior follower but I will cross check the loop.

Jason, I’ll test…after installing, the basement sensor showed as activated then showed idle a few minutes later. Since then, it shows activated after I go into the basement but never appears to go idle.