Bad sensor?

So today the wife does normal routine, disarms panel, rearms in stay mode since I am still home and leave. You can see form the attached screen shot of the history that everything looks normal until you see the basement door sent an alarm? Sure enough the alarm triggers and panels starts screaming enough that she heard it before getting in her car and we both went to disarm panel. The sensor is a RE101 and has been trouble free since we got it about 9 months ago.


If you notice a false activation from a door/window sensor, while it is always possible to encounter a malfunctioning sensor, it is far more common that an environmental factor is at play, which should be looked for first.

Can you post a photo of where the sensor is installed? Check the magnetic gap vs the instructions.

Does the door close tightly or does it have room to nudge in and out due to pressure change, etc?

Looks like a 3/8 inch gap. Door has a little wiggle room, but not much. Once door is looked I would doubt it can move more than 1/16 - 1/8 inch. This gets set every day at least twice a day for over 9 months this is first issue, could be a fluke. Just don;t want ti happening when not around. This is door goes from main level to basement garage.

Aha, that makes more sense. That is actually an RE122 (or 111, can’t tell if it has an external antenna)

The gap looks like it is close to the edge of range. I would recommend trying to get those lined up about no more than 1/4 inch apart, especially if that happens to be a metal door/frame.

I will try to remount it, door and trims is wood.