Backup Battery for extended power outage

I know that the 2gig system comes with a battery that lasts about 24 hours. I am interested in a solution that will allow the system to stay up for a much longer period of time , like a week or so. What is the best configuration / recommendations for a long life battery option ? Thanks

There are no backup battery options for such a time-frame. To accomplish this you would need to use a backup power source for the panel to plug into.

The 2GIG BATT2X is the long life version at 24+ hours.

Note that even a somewhat pricey UPS would probably only last 4-5 hours with the panel pulling full power. You’re looking more at generator options for such usage.

I would very very strongly discourage trying to modify an internal battery.

Thanks Jason. Just to be clear. So if I lose power for an extended period at my house while I am on vacation, then the house is rendered unsecured past the 24hr mark or so ?

The panel would not function beyond the battery life, no.

This is not unique to any alarm panel, especially those with touchscreens or wired systems with many components.

24 hour backup is the standard long benchmark. Depending on components and usage, some other panels in the industry may only get 8 hours or so.