Backend connection failed

How to reestablish backend connection? Have reestablished wi-fi with password. Keeps saying authenticating and then doesn’t connect to backend.

If your panel is not getting past the authenticating message when trying to add wifi, that means the network password may not be correct.

Please double check the password for any typos.

First reboot the panel: Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Then after verifying the network password, try connecting the panel wifi again. Any change?


Thank You! I guess that whenever my system kicks me off the internet I have to reboot the panel.
But why do I have to do it soooo often? Do I need a new panel? Why doesn’t it reestablish the link itself?

Thanks for your help! It is connected now!

Baleka Baker

What model of router are you using?

No, generally wifi issues are not indicative of a panel fault. I see two long instances of broadband backup failure in history. Did you make any changes to your local wifi after last resolving this issue?