Back door sensor

Back door sensor keeps saying it’s open when it’s not. It’s lined up right but somehow just keeps getting triggered. Is there a way to stop it? I know about the batteries take out but if that doesn’t work any other ideas?

That sensor is actually showing up in with an unknown status.

Generally that means that the panel has not received a communication from it. This could be one of a handful of problems:

  1. Dead batteries/reversed polarity
  2. Incorrect ID in programming
  3. Incorrect RF source in programming.

What is the model number of that sensor?

That’s probably why there was a line through the sensor on my app. But on my panel it just says closed. Interesting. The ID number is C17CA2. I dont have the model number as I threw out the box. Unless it’s under the chip inside the sensor?

There will typically be a model number on a sticker on the back of the sensor housing.

I am asking for the model to verify the correct source. If it is an S-Line, unencrypted 319.5, or PowerG.

That DLID indicates it is not PowerG.

You can try changing the source to 319.5 SecurityRF instead of S-Line for the source in programming for that zone, just in case that is not an encrypted sensor.

If the sensor is still not working, double check the DLID. Did you type it in manually or did you use auto-learn sensor?

Double check the batteries to make sure they have the right polarity and that there are no plastic or paper tabs still blocking the battery connection.

I did both ways. It auto learned it first. I deleted the sensor and then typed it in manually. I can check the sensor in a bit. Its on an 8ft door with the stickers on it. Thank you

Model number is QS1135-840

Ok, that is an S-Line sensor so the source should be fine.

Double check the batteries, and test new batteries in the sensor (can swap with a known working sensor if you have more than one of the same model)

If known working batteries do not help, that sensor is likely DOA and would need replaced.

Thank you. I think as the sensor tells the panel it’s open when it’s not. It may be a sensor issue. I will delete the sensor and get a new one.