Away Mode

2 Gig Panels.
We have 2 panels and use the secondary to arm the house in “Away Mode” (to arm the motion sensors) at night before going to sleep. The system does not go into “Away Mode” but reverts to “Stay Mode”. I was advised the only way to bypass this is to trick the system into thinking we have left the house, so I must open and close the main entry point. This is a pain if this is the case. Yes, we can use the app on our phones and arm in away, but the reason we got the second panel was to arm in away right before we go to bed. There must be a way to arm in away mode without opening and closing doors or using the app. Please help!

Yep, there is indeed.

In programming, Q26, Auto Stay. Mark it as disabled.

any videos or tutorials on this?

For changing this specific question, no video.

Enter Programming:

Home Screen - Installer Toolbox via Logo button in bottom right - Installer Code - System Configuration - Press “Go To” - Type 26 - Use Left and Right Arrows to Disable Auto Stay - Exit Saving changes.