Auxiliary alarm

Is an auxiliary alarm treated as a medical emergency , thus paramedics will be dispatched? Or us it treated as just a police / fire emergency ?

Generally, it depends on how you have programmed your equipment. For flood or freeze sensors with auxiliary alarm programming, the location would be called followed by the rest of the call list, but no dispatch is called. On fire/heat smoke detectors with fire and auxiliary programming the location (if there is one with a land line) is called, followed by fire dispatch, and then the rest of the call list is contacted. For panic auxiliary programming, the police are dispatched and then the call list (excluding the location) is contacted. For medical auxiliary programming (for example on a key fob) the location is called first, then EMS is dispatched, followed by the rest of the call list being contacted.

When you program the RF sensor type as “(08) 24‐hour auxiliary alarm” then when you get to the next question, RF sensor equipment type, you will have a choice of contact, freeze, water, temperature or emergency. If you pick “(11) emergency” as the RF sensor equipment type then the 2GIG panel will send a medical emergency signal and we’ll dispatch the paramedics. See page 31 of the installation guide.