Automation to disarm when front door unlocked - intermittently working

Setup a Yale Pro SL (YRD156-ZW2-619) with an automation rule to disarm the system when unlocked by a user code. Has been working well for a few days but today is causing problems.

When I deleted the rule and recreated it, it seems to be working again, but I’m curious if there is anything you are seeing on my logs to indicate why this happened?

Just trying to be proactive here. Thanks

With only a couple Z-wave devices, reliability of communication can be an issue, even if the lock is fairly close to the panel. It is also dependent on materials in the environment, if the lock is on a metal door, etc.

I see in your recent diagnostics that there are 34 successful Z-wave messages logged, and 20 failed ones. That’s across all devices and the diagnostics do not single out devices, so we cannot specifically say how much of that is the lock, but that is a high percentage of failures, so you might just be running into communication issues.

Try a reboot of the panel first. Is the lock new or was it used previously? If it has been used for a while, replacing the batteries is a good idea.

Thanks, are you able to tell if my ADC-T3000 is working properly as a z wave repeater. It is about 10 feet from the lock with nothing blocking it, so that may help to understand if it is a z wave signal strength issue.

It shows as having been paired on AC so yes it should be.

ok, great, that’s good to know. The lock and its batteries are brand new, so I guess it is just some strange connection issue. I reset the panel and will report back if this continues. Thanks.