Automation Rules Priority

Is there a way to set a priority on rules so that one doesn’t override another?

IE: I have a rule that when a door is opened a few lights are turned. I have a 2nd rule that turns the same lights on (and off after a shorter amount of time than the first rule) when a motion sensor inside the house is activated. But the way things are working now, the door opening is being overridden because the 2nd rule (motion sensor) is being triggered. And therefore the lights are turning off before I’d like them to after the door opens.

I’d like to effectively group the 2 rules, or write an exclusion scenario when the 2nd rule wouldn’t come into play.

Is this possible or in the works? Home automation is a huge part of why I signed up for SuretyDIY. The current system is good, but creates some frustrations too.

Happy to help!

The short answer in this case would be, yes, you can filter, but you must do so using the available filters in the rule creation. In this case basically by time of day. You cannot for example say “If this rule runs, do not run that rule.”

If two sensor activation rules have different effects (duration until “off” command) and both are tripped, the shorter duration of the two will always occur. (If currently on, “on” will do nothing. if currently on, “off” will always turn off.)

Not all panels Z-wave modules are developed by ADC, so it would take a lot of coordination and may not be possible, but I can definitely see the benefit if it could be implemented. We will forward this to as a feature request.