Automation? Peek-In when Motion sense?

Hi - is there a way to setup an automation so that “when armed away” if the motion sensor is triggered, the panel “peek-in” automatically snaps a picture?

Thank you

The panel camera cannot be set up to take images on motion detection, except in the case of an alarm.

When the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 camera alarm image uploads are enabled, a panel camera image is captured whenever the panel goes into alarm. This is different from the Image Sensor, since the Image Sensor only captures alarm images when the Image Sensor detects motion during the alarm event.

  • Log into the Customer Website.
  • Click Automation .
  • Click Rules , if not selected already.
  • To enable/disable panel camera disarm and/or alarm images, click the toggle switch for the Panel Camera Alarm Image Uploads and/or Panel Camera Disarm Image Uploads automation rules.
  • Edit the rule to adjust the notification options.