Automation Door Locks for Window Lock Doors

We have window lock doors (the one used in a lot of strip malls and many businesses with it mainly a window with a small lock on it.

Is there a z-wave lock made that can be put in one of these? It would help to know if these are locked or unlocked.

There are no Zwave locks designed for store-front doors, no. I have seen locations use a standard Zwave deadbolt as a method of employee tracking when enough space exists to install one, but if the door’s frame around the store-front glass is too narrow I do not know of an option.

You could use a standard electric strike @ 12 or 24 Volts, then run power through a Mimolite relay, I guess. It would show up in as a switch though, so currently you wouldn’t be able to remotely know the state.

Thanks Jason for the response. In our case I know a lock wouldn’t fit in the slot provided.

That works, but not exactly the way I was hoping. Without the state status it looses all usefulness for my case.

At least I’m not ignoring something that could’ve been obvious. :slight_smile: