Automation - After Sunset doesnt seem to be working

I have several rules that turn on lights if another sensor is triggered. For example, when garage doors are open… They are to only do this after sunset.

They are doing it all day long regardless if its before or after sunset.

I already tried turning the rule off, then on again and it doesn’t work.

Sunset/Sunrise has historically been prone to hiccups on the 2GIG GC2, particularly after DST change. Did this issue just start?

The first step in this case would be a panel reboot. I’ve resent panel time to the system just to be sure it has accurate time data.

You can either power cycle at the system, or you can send a reboot command remotely through our system manager.

After the reboot, is there any change? (sometimes this is enough to resolve the issue)

If no change, try editing and resaving one of the affected rules. Does it work then?

Reset Panel

Turned rule off then on again then changed to all hours, then changed b ack to sunset only

Still have this problem. This problem occurred well AFTER the time change date. I would state in the last few days

Can you provide an example of one of the rules that misfired and the timestamp it occurred? That way I can point to the event for ADC. I’m going to see if they can rebuild those rules to resolve it, but they may need an example.

Dining Room Light and Dining room motion patio room lights are t2 autotmation rules

Dining Room Light and Patio Room Light are the lights

they have been going off all morning today, so please look at the logs for these lights this afternoon

A timestamp is needed to provide an example of cause and effect.

The system does not report lights being turned on by specific rules, just general light activity. In history, however the light is switched on and off it reports the same. There are also many rules which affect those lights you mentioned.

It would help to be able to point to a known time when that specific rule activated.

Just to confirm, is it all of the only after sunset rules that are activating?

When those lights were turned on is when the rule was executed. I NEVER manually turn on those specific lights in the day,. NEVER

At night everything is connected to a motion detector so I rarely even turn them on at night if ever.

I can not remember the last time I manualy turned on the patio room or dining room light.

and again, this just started in the last day or so…or incresing in rules that are executing before susnet

Living Room Lights - rule

red light turned on

2:35 pm today

Thank you, I’ve reported this to ADC and have requested some troubleshooting commands be sent to rebuild rules. Once those have been applied, hopefully this behavior should stop

also 3:36 Pm Rule is Coming Home Right and it turned on several likgts

Dining Room

Window Shade Light

Garage Inside


Patio Room


Garage Outside

Family Room

Right Bed

Left Bed

Master Bedroom


Just confirming that ADC sent troubleshooting commands, any change?

Lights don’t come on in the daytime and work now

I have this exact same problem except I have the IQ Panel 2 Plus. I have this rule that when the front door is open after sunset, it is supposed to turn on lights “Turn On Entry lights at night”. This rule has worked from the beginning just fine. Now in the last month no matter what time of day it is when the door is opened the lights turn on. I rebooted the panel and even deleted the rule and reinstalled it, with the same result. Anybody have any ideas?

I’ve had send the same commands to your system, those should be going through now. Can you check on these rules this evening and tomorrow and report if they are functioning as expected?