Automating Driveway Gate

I found and old thread on this which focused on modifying an existing solution - but let’s assume I’m starting from scratch. How can I add automation to a driveway gate via my 2GIG panel?

  • Basic function: Ability to open/close the gate via remote commands and rules
  • Desired function: Ability to open gate via code on numeric keypad mounted outside gate
  • Desired function: Unique keypad codes with schedules, rules, etc (like a door lock keypad)
  • Desired function: Monitor open/closed status of gate

To add to the complexity my gate would be ~200’ from the 2GIG panel.

What do you think?

Well, there are models of Liftmaster Gate Motors that are compatible with the 828LM MyQ gateway.
The LA400DC is one option.
Another is the LA500DC.

The above method would not include the 2Gig panel, it would just be integrated on’s back-end, but you would know the current status of the gate and open/close it remotely. Any compatible Liftmaster keypad would work I’d assume.

If you were reading this thread, Ryan’s suggestion with the Mimolite would work well if you would be able to run wires from the gate location into the house. Otherwise, Zwave is not going to work at that distance.