Automatic Door Lock Wont Disarm System

Good Morning Everyone!

I just recently switched from Vivint at the end of my contract to SuretyDIY. Everything has been pretty pain free in the switch except I have one issue. My automatic z-wave door lock no longer disarms my system before I enter the house, instead the door will unlock and the system beep until I put my code into the panel. How can I fix this?

Z-wave automation like automatic disarm is handled through rules. If you have not set up a rule yet in your new account for this, it would not function.

Go to emPower - Rules - Add a rule.

Automate security system by locks, when unlocked, disarm. You can select the lock(s) it applies to and a time-frame or leave it at all times.

Wow, Jason thank you for the quick response. I probably should have copied my rules down from the Vivint account. One other thing, I keep getting a message from to confirm my email when I log in but I’m never getting the email. Should I add a certain email address to my safe list incase i’m missing it in spam?

It appears the primary email address was just verified, per history. Were you able to retrieve the email?

Yes, it was in spam.