Automatic Arming

I use to have the option to automatically arm my system. I no longer see that option on I just have smart arming.

For what it’s worth, you can make smart arming work with a strict schedule – the “smart” part is optional. You’ll see when you set it up that you can either have it monitor your sensors for activity, or just arm and disarm at set times.

The caveat being that smart arming only works overnight and with “Arm Stay.”

If you need automatic arming outside of those limitations, it is a paid add-on. Surety charges $4 per month for the feature. The first step would be to make sure that add-on is selected in your system manager. From the Surety Login (My Account - Surety), select “System Manager”. You’ll be prompted to log in again with your password this time. Then, under the “My Alarm System” tab, scroll down to “Optional Add-ons” and make sure that “Automation Arming Schedules” is checked.


Additionally, here is a guide that goes over smart arming so you can decide if it covers what you need. Differences between smart arming and arming schedules are listed near the bottom of the following thread:

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Thank you all for your help!