Automate specific times 2 only lock/unlock a door or automate by sensor


Can we not set a time to automatically lock/unlock a door without it being attached to an alarm based event? I simply want to make sure front door is always locked at midnite regardless of current alarm status. I also want to have sensor activity (opened/closed) lock/unlock a door if need be.


• Automatically lock my front door everyday at midnite (in case I forget to arm system but still wanna lock it down and be safe).

• Automatically unlock my interior office door at 8am so I don’t have to use ADC app every time since I work at home. Also automatically lock it down at 8pm.

• Automatically lock that interior office door at specific time(s) if door sensor is closed.

Lastly, and sorta side note, it doesn’t appear that we can simply auto-schedule alarm for ARM STAY mode at specific times. In my use case that would be really handy at 10pm every evening. So would DISARM at 8am.

Are any of these rules even possible currently? FWIW they are w/SmartThings (except alarm functions). LMK if I’m overlooking something or if latest firmware accommodates these frustrations. I completely understand that locks/doors/alarms are extremely important/sensitive to ADC but I wish we had the option to have more granular control when needed.

No you haven’t overlooked anything. Currently Lock automation schedules have to key off of arm/disarm commands with the panel. There is no way to set a schedule to just unlock the door or set an alarm at a specific time.

This is for security reasons and was a conscious choice by to not give customers this ability.

However, you can enable the Arming Schedules monthly Add-on which would give you access to the commercial tab. This would allow you to set up specific times of day to arm/disarm. Then you could key lock/unlock off of that.

Thought so. Massive bummer but appreciate the quick response.

Thanks Tyler.