Auto Pay

2 questions…

  1. am i set up for auto pay? I cant tell from my profile

  2. how do I switch plans from Gold to Basic? I would like to switch starting asap.

thank you

You are set up for automatic renewal for your Gold Interactive Plan. You can view the payment method and due date of your subscription by logging into your account here, clicking on your name and looking at your active subscription.

As for switching from Gold Interactive to Basic Interactive, you would need to contact to inform them of your intentions along with your Verbal Admin Pass Code for verification purposes. Alternatively, you could send a secure message with your intentions here. Keep in mind that the Gold Interactive package is required to use any Z-Wave Home Automation Devices remotely through

thank you Tyler

my only point is that the payment information does NOT indicate that future amounts are on an auto pay agreement.

I guess that is assumed.


It’s in the terms and conditions acknowledged upon checkout. You can find them in full here.

thanks Jason,

I was not complaining, I prefer auto pay.

just saying it would be easy to add to the Payment info screen

“The next payment will be automatically debited from your payment method on file”

just a suggestion

Not a problem, I understand. I will send the suggestion to our customer service team, we are always happy to take suggestions to improve. You are right though, continued service is assumed. It is month to month so any changes can be requested at any time.

The next auto service payment, date, method to be used, and amount is visible on your account page by logging into