Auto arming did not work

I noticed the system was not automatically activated last night. I do not know how long this has been going on . In December I worked with one of your technicians to get the application activated thru the Commercial tool… I’m stuck

What? “Auto arming activation enabled via commercial tool”?

It looks like the arming schedule was deleted from your account on Jan 12th and then a new arming schedule was created yesterday. I assume you created the new arming schedule? It looks like it worked last night and this morning. Can you confirm that everything is working now?

Please add an arm/disarm notification or an arming reminder notification for this system to help you verify that it’s being armed every night when it’s supposed to. The arming schedules add-on is great but I would not rely on it 100% to arm your system. Add a notification to verify that. For example, if you system is set to automatically arm at 10pm, then add an arming reminder notification so that you’ll be notified if for some reason it’s not armed by 10:15.

Just out of curiosity (for others who may come across this post, and not have a clue what it is regarding)…are we talking about empower Lock automation, that is set for arming/disarming of panel, and subsequent “panel not armed by” notifications? has an automatic arming schedule feature that’s mainly used for small businesses. It’s sometimes called “commercial arming schedules”. If your business closes at 5 you can set it to automatically arm at 5:30, etc…

Ahh. I see.

Seems like it would be much simpler to just open up the mobile app, and remotely arm panel, or even check the arming status (if not on site).

Arming schedules are simple. I’d say they’re slightly better than just arming reminders because with arming reminders you have to rely on yourself to notice the notification, log in and arm. Arming schedules do it for you. But I recommend using them in conjunction with arming reminders. Any time you automate something important, it’s a good idea to build in some redundancy or have a backup of some kind in case the automation doesn’t work or gets interfered with as it did above.