AT&T M-Cell?

Does the AT&T 3G module works with the M-Cell from AT&T?

It might.

It’s rare to use one for this purpose. Important to keep in mind is that there is a difference in penetration and reliability of machine-to-machine cell bands and phone access. There is not a strong correlation between the two, so using our coverage check tool is always a good idea to determine which module to use.

In the case of a cellular network extender, the panel’s module must be added to the extender’s “White List” of accepted devices or else you will run into major communication problems. We have seen a circumstance where the Panel module attempted to connect thousands of times a day to a cell extender, being denied each time because it had not been added to the list of devices, but the module will default to trying to connect because of the closer signal. This can lead to either no inbound communication route or no communication in or out.