Arming Away/Stay

My system came pre programmed from you, which is nice. But how do I know what sensors will be armed in Stay mode and what ones will not be. Is there a specific setting they are learned in with to be exterior or interior? If I were to add new sensors down the road, can I set them up to be armed in Stay whether exterior or interior?

The purpose of “Stay” mode arming is to ignore interior followers so that any remaining occupants can move around freely, thus the difference between “Stay” and “Away” is that during “Stay” your sensors programmed as interior followers will not be active.

The only sensors which are by default programmed as interior followers are Motion Detectors. Other sensors (glassbreaks come to mind) may have a reason to be programmed as interior follower so that they do not set off an alarm during “Stay” mode, but this programming choice would be done by the end user.

If a user wishes to program additional sensors, they could be programmed as perimeter or interior follower to that user’s discretion.

I had my 2GIG panel trigger the alarm while set to Armed (Stay) when I walked to my office, where the motion sensor is installed. Does it mean I had it programmed under wrong category, meaning as perimeter instead of interior follower? If so, what’s the best way to correct?

Usually, this means the sensor is programmed incorrectly as perimeter. The best way to resolve this would be to go into the Installer Tool Box -> System Configuration -> Scroll to the sensor you need to change programming for using the left and right arrows -> Use the up and down arrows to move through programming options -> Change the sensor type to Interior Follower -> Change the type to Motion -> Exit programming.

That should resolve any issues you have with that sensor.

How to properly install, program, and walk test PIR motions (and image sensor PIR motions):