Armed Panel with No Codes

Inherited a system with house purchase. Module shows as unregistered. It was armed and do not have codes to disarm. Currently have the power off to the system.

Hello and Welcome to the forum, we are happy to help!

Typically, a cellular communications test is required to start the connection between your panel and our service. Additionally, programming cannot be entered (or a cell test run) while the panel is armed.

While a cell phone test is typically required, there are some commands that can be sent to kick start communication, especially if the panel was previously utilizing service with However, nothing short of a cellular communication test is guaranteed to work.

The first thing to try, once your order for service has been processed and you have received your “Welcome to suretyDIY” email, will be some back-end commands that we can run. Once set up for service, power up your panel and then notify our customer service team at that you have done so. Then, commands can be sent on our end to try and kick start communication. Please note, these commands can only be sent during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Should the above step not work, there are a couple things to try but they should not be attempted until the first step has been ruled ineffective.

The second thing to try, start by powering up the panel. If sensors are still learned into the panel, you will want to trip a sensor (like a door or window) to trigger an alarm. This may send signalling to to start communication, however, the panel will obviously be in an Alarm state. Once signalling, the Master Code can be changed through settings and then used to disarm the panel.

The last step. The control panel may also be “hard” reset to factory default by pressing and holding the emergency and home buttons while applying power. This would default the master code to “1111” but this would also remove all sensor programming from the panel and would be a last resort. This will also only work if programming questions Q-44 & Q-45 have not been set to disable this feature.