Arm system when Kwikset SmartLock is Locked with door button (not manually)

Hello! We recently bought a new home and switched security providers and were told all the same features we had with previous provider would still be available with the new provider. HOWEVER we are no longer able to create an automation rule that arms the system when the door lock is activated by the button only. If we lock the door manually (which happens if we are inside the home and wish to lock the door after answering it) - the automation rule goes into effect. Our last system was smart enough to understand that if the door was locked manually, the rule should not be activated to arm.
The automation rules only allow for time exceptions - which we do not want as we want the system to be armed anytime the lock button is pushed on the outside of the door.

Calls to our provider have not resulted in any solution. Anyone out there that can help?

It isn’t mentioned here but since Surety is an service provider, I am assuming you are using through another provider?

If so, yes the way locks automating the alarm system works in is by either arming on any lock action or disarming when unlocked via a user code on the keypad.

Yes - correct. Our previous security system (Vivint) app/dashboard was smart enough to not arm the system when we locked the door manually (using the door latch). I guess I will need to email to request that they make an improvement to the app to do what we see as a very basic rule and obviously can be done since Vivint has figured it out.