Arm Stay Delay

This is just a pet peeve, but is there a way to reduce or disable the delay for “arm stay”? Currently my system gives me a 120 second countdown when I arm in stay mode. When I arm stay I’m not planning on going outside, so it might as well arm immediately. It’s not obvious to me how to adjust this if it is possible.


I can’t think of a way to do it directly from the 2GIG panel but if you arm from the app instead then it will arm with no exit delay.

Thanks Ryan. Just curious, is there a logic here I’m missing? I don’t understand why “arm stay” would have an exit delay at all.

I don’t understand it either. My guess… someone on the product design team got lazy.

My pet peve, is the entry delay while arming stay.

Is there a way to change the default for NO entry delay when armed stay and YES entry delay when armed away?

I can’t think of any reason, in my case, I would use the entry delay while armed stay.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to change the default for no entry delay when armed stay. However, it is possible to arm it without an entry delay. You can turn off the entry delay on the panel by making sure the box next to entry delay is unchecked before choosing to arm the panel in stay or away mode. The entry delay will automatically turn back on once the system has been disarmed.

The mobile app will actually prompt you to confirm your selection before it sends the arm command to the panel. A check box will be in this prompt that will allow you to disable the entry delay.

Speaking from experience, an entry delay on “alarm stay” is not a horrible thing. While I may be “staying” home, my wife may not be…and an instant alarm when she opens the door does not impress. Nor does the instant alarm if you accidentally open the door, to say great the FedEx delivery.

Also, the exit delay is very useful…say you are “arming stay” but are actually not leaving the house empty of people. Perhaps you have a babysitter at home and you are arming it before you leave, no exit delay could be annoying if that was a permanent thing…and arming away would also get expensive if you live in an area that charges for false alarms :wink:

No entry delay is ideal for night mode/when asleep.

By some states requirement arm stay delay cannot be removed but time can be decrease or increased but never removed

By some states requirement arm stay delay cannot be removed but time can be decrease or increased but never removed

That’s interesting, any clue as to why? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

To be clear I think we’re both talking about the “arm stay delay”, that is the countdown from you hit arm on the panel to when it’s actually armed. This thread diverged a little to also discuss “entry delay when armed stay” which is not what I’m talking about.

SIA standards dictate most features.

Arming Stay does not necessarily mean the individual is staying in the home. Perhaps a family member or guest is still inside but the individual arming is leaving, or for other reasons you simply do not wish to arm interior followers.

You can arm without a delay by sending a remote command.