Arm Stay but leaving the house

The other day I enabled Arm Stay and left the house. This is what I typically did with my old Honeywell alarm system when I leave the house early in the morning but my family is still sleeping. Once I armed, my wife called me stating the alarm was sounding so I can only assume I triggered it when I left out the front door. Is there a way to configure Arm Stay but exit the house without triggering the alarm?

Uncheck the “Arm Stay -No Delay” box under the following menu

Settings -> Advanced Settings (default installer code is 1111) -> installation -> security and arming

This will give you an exit countdown. But you must use a delay door. All doors marked as instant/perimeter zones will still immediately alarm.

Alternatively arm stay from the app once you have left.

Yep, this is likely what happened. If you have Arm Stay - No Delay enabled there will be no countdown to leave through entry doors.

OK, I have made the settings change, thanks for the info. I do have a relevent question. Lets say I dont want a delay when staying? Comparing with my old alarm, when going to bed i would arm instant putting no delay on the front door. Is there a way to arm it stay instant without going into the installer settings every night?

Those are different things.

The Arm-Stay no delay in settings refers to no Exit Delay.

The instant mode you are referring to refers to no Entry Delay.

You can arm with no Entry Delay any time while arming Away or Stay. On the IQ Panel tap the right arrow on the arming box for more options and you can disable entry delay for that arming period. Can do that when sending commands from app too.