Arm/disarm status not updating

For the past week or so, our panel has not been properly reflecting arm/disarm status in It currently shows “Armed Stay” even though the panel itself is disarmed. If I try to disarm from the app or ADC website, it just spins in a “Disarming” state, and the panel itself shows a message saying that it is not in a state that it can be disarmed.

Restarting the panel via the Surety site seems to fix it but it does not stick and happens again generally with in a day or two.

Currently, history reports the panel as being Disarmed. Is that the correct status?

When sending a remote command, it appears that the commands are being acknowledged in a timely manner. To confirm, if the panel is armed, and you send a remote command to disarm the panel, does the panel disarm but the ADC app/website status just doesn’t update?


Yes, that seems to be the issue. This is the first time it’s shown as “Disarmed” in days without me having to poke at it.

I just tried arming it stay via the app, and the panel responded appropriately. The app never updated after 1-2 minutes. I closed out and went back in and it showed “Disarmed”. I went into the status and chose “Disarm” and it disarmed
the panel in a reasonable timeframe. So, ADC is sending the commands but then not updating the status on the website/app appropriately.

When able, power cycle the panel completely, transformer first, then the battery. Leave it powered down for about 3 minutes then power it back up, battery first then transformer.

Once fully booted back up. try remote arm/disarm again. Any change?

This did not help. I left it off for a while longer than 3 mins and it is currently showing “Armed Stay” when it is clearly not armed.


I just sent a quick status request to the panel and was able to request the correct current arming status and updated immediately.

The panel is not automatically sending status messages to update the ADC back end with the current status when it changes.

This may be a firmware, module, or possibly network issue. I am not seeing any sensor activity on the system reported over the last few days. The only activity in the event history is from the doorbell camera (which doesn’t send signals through the panel.)

Your panel signal strength looks solid, and it can respond to remote requests immediately. Something strange is occurring with outbound signals.

Could you open a couple sensors and we will see if those events make it to history.

Also, please run a cell phone test from your panel. Let me know when this is complete.

I just opened the back door a few minutes ago.

Can you try running a cell test per above and opening a couple sensors again now?

Cell radio test was a Success.

I’ve now opened and closed a few of the sensors.

Well it looks like the commands had a positive effect, as I can now see all panel activity and status updates coming through.

Are you seeing the arming status reflected correctly if you refresh the app?

It seems to be working - I’m receiving notifications I have configured even when I arm/disarm and those statuses are being reflected in the app.

Sensor status is not quick but does show up in the history after a short period (that may not be abnormal, I generally only have “left open” notifications configured on the sensors, I don’t rely on it for anything else).

Odd, but thanks!