Arm/Disarm rules not working on

Could you email with the serial numbers of the two locks? It would help to look into the issue further.

Thanks, Jason. I will.

Any update on this issue?

I have a software development background and I’m confused how ADC and 2GIG can take a year to resolve issues with the best selling Z-wave deadbolt on Amazon… and especially one that is certified to use standardized, common Z-wave classes. People shouldn’t have to uninstall and buy a different brand. It should just work, or be removed from the compatibility list. There seems like a lack of motivation/incentive to resolve this.

Would you mind if I sent a few remote commands to see the panel response in order to help troubleshoot? I just need to verify you are out of programming on the panel when I send them

Jason, no, go ahead. My panel is sitting inactive. Thanks.

Whenever you are available to give one of the rules a shot, go ahead and test and let me know the result. Leave a minute in between tests to ensure that signals backing up doesn’t factor in.

If you need to recreate the rules, let me know. I would have you recreate the rules, wait 5 minutes, then I will send a command to the panel. After that we would test. If you have any rules currently created we should try those first.

My rule to arm the panel when my back door is locked didn’t work. I’m going to delete the rule right now and setup all my rules again. Feel free to send a command in about 5-10 mins. I’ll be back to test in a few hours after that.

All done.

Just so I know, how far away are your locks from your panel currently in their finalized locations? I do not expect this has much to do with what is going on, but I have to ask.

My panel is about 15 feet from both locks, but when I was originally troubleshooting this issue, I left it less than 3 feet away.

I have the same results: never shows WHO unlocks via user code unless I set Q79 to (2) and setup user codes locally on the panel.
My “lock doors when panel is armed stay/away” rules continue to work… they always have been the only rule to work.
My “arm panel when doors are locked” rules continue to do nothing.
My “disarm panel when doors are unlocked” rules continue to do nothing.

Well, I do notice that you are running 1.10.1 firmware. ADC was able to recreate the issue on 1.10.1 but not on 1.12 so this may simply be a firmware related problem. Are you able to upgrade your firmware locally and test?

Jason, I don’t have the cable to do an upgrade… been meaning to order one. I thought I saw someone mention doing an OTA update via cellular, but that it takes a long time. Is this something we can do?

EDIT: I found the info on getting an OTA update. I need to email customer support or do a live chat, and the update has a $15 charge.

OTA updates are a possibility. This thread has some more information that might help you decide whether you’d like to initiate one, as well as next steps to get it started if you do want to move forward on that route.

Thanks for the link. I might just order the cable. I just really hate waiting on shipping when I’m trying to fix something. (impatient)

I empathize with that.

OTA updates are a possibility. This thread has some more information that might help you decide whether you'd like to initiate one, as well as next steps to get it started if you do want to move forward on that route.

The linked thread has some outdated info regarding OTA airfx firmware updates and the TS1’s.

I have corrected it in the thread. In summary, as of Decemember 2014, a TS1 can be OTA updated via airfx to 1.10 and above.The firmware update can be pushed together with the main panel OTA firmware, or separately to just the TS1 itself.

See: OTA firmware upgrade - Support - Surety Support Forum

I received the OTA update and my panel finally shows “Unlocked by User at slot 5”.

At first, no commands were going through from, so I went to the toolbox, verified the version, had the panel restart by going into programming, saving and exiting. After that commands still didnt go through, but eventually started.

Since my user name did not display, I’m deleting my users, rules, etc and setting them back up (with a delay between each activity of course) and then I’ll report back whether my rules are working or not.

Well, folks, I can verify that firmware 1.12 resolves the Schlage BE469NX issues: now displays WHO unlocked the door.
My alarm is armed when I locked the door.
My alarm is disarmed when I unlock the door with a user code.

Thank you, Surety team, for your assistance. Please inform the other users that shared my pain with the Schlage BE469NX lock. No need to return their Schlage for a Yale or Kwikset deadbolt.

Alright, that’s great! Glad the firmware fully resolved it. All of the Schlage issues are typically handled with firmware. Hopefully that model’s firmware holds steady for a while and new production versions aren’t released anytime soon.