Arm a Motion Sensor in Stay

Is it possible to set up a motion sensor to be armed in stay mode? Or, is it possible to set up a 3rd Armed mode beyond Stay and Away?

What I really need is an armed mode that works like Stay, but has my basement motion sensor armed. But if I can arm a motion sensor in Stay, I can bypass it when I want to move about the house.

I agree, it would be nice to have another mode. But as of now, that isn’t an option with 2GIG. You should be able to change the sensor type to “perimeter” from “interior follower” to have it armed in stay mode.

The only difference between arm stay and arm away is interior sensors (motions). You can accomplish what you want with selective arming and away mode.

Arm away, and selectively bypass those motions you want offline. Its the only work around to arm motions in say a “night mode”

This works best when you have access to a keypad/ts1 in say bedroom or upper floor, and you only want to arm a first floor motion for example.