App push notifications not immediate

How can I troubleshoot notification delays? I have seen this off and on since I installed the system, most consistently with doorbell push audio triggering on the phone, most often the person is long gone by then. This week though I also see sporadic delays of 20mins or so to some, but not all, push notifications. Are there known network issues right now? Anything I can check? I would like to get all security related notifications immediately. FWIW, notifications from other apps don’t appear to be delayed.

Looking at your history, the push notifications in your examples are being sent within 1 second of the event occurring.

Delays in push notifications after being sent are generally due to the device OS, app not being active on the phone, or spotty connection of the phone.

Is your phone cell connection spotty in some areas? Some carriers may block data while voice is in use. Do you use app-killer software on your phone or manually shut down ADC in app settings?

Troubleshooting steps are usually pretty general, the first step I would do is a reboot of the phone.

OK thank you for looking. Solid cell and wifi connections, adc app has unrestricted permission, battery has good charge, phone gets restarted frequently. I’ll continue to poke around on this end.

Are you using Android 12?

This seems a common search result of Android 12 with regard to adaptive battery usage or Android adaptive notifications

Android 13, Pixel phone, I have ADC app permitted to always run in the background, but Adaptive Battery is on by default in this OS and so may restrict any actions the phone system itself needs to take to get notifs to the app. I’ve just turned it off and will see if 1. notifs speed improves, and 2 battery doesn’t drain too fast. Thanks again.