App not working

Hey guys are there any known issues out currently for the app not wanting to display videos cameras or doorbells I get the motion alerts but it won’t display video for either camera and either location but if I get on my phone I can view the indoor cameras live I have delated the app and readded but still no fix so I’m guessing it’s an issue with the app

There are no known issues with the app regarding video at this time.

To confirm, you can login to the mobile app (or website) and view Live View but you cannot view saved recordings? Can you request a recording?

On the app it won’t let me view live views but if I login on the computer it lets me

Are you connected to Wi-Fi when trying to view live view via the app, or via cellular?

If it doesnt work on one, try the other. Any change?

Still nothing it’s weird

Are you able to see the Live View tile on the phone, just not be able to access the live feed?

Can you access saved videos via the app?

If you cant view the live view on the preview from the main home screen, can you view it through the video tab?

Have you power cycled the phone?