App not updating frequently with current temp - adc t2000

Hi all,

I have Qolsys 2 panel and a couple of adc t2000 thermostats. I am having a minor annoying problem with the current room temperature not updating that often in the app. Basically if I open up the app and go to the screen where the current room temp(not the temp setting) is displayed, it is always almost an “old” temp. Once I keep the app open and click around the app a bit, the current room temp updates. So for example, the thermostat on the wall says the current room temp is 70 degrees, I open the app and it says the current room temp is 65. I keep the app open and click around the app for a bit, then the app changes and catches up and says 70. Again this is the current room temperature, not the temp setting.

Is there a way to get the thermostat to update the app more frequently? I couldn’t find a setting, but hoping there is one…

This is likely normal, depending on how often you are checking. Opening the app page pages will send status check commands and local changes to the thermostat status should update, but that may have some latency.