Anybody using Trane 824/624 thermostats with their 2Gig yet?

I am looking to get some thermostats for my 2Gig and looking for a good thermostat that works with the 2Gig Z wave side.

Anybody tried these out?



I would be apprehensive to suggest trying those for a few reasons:

Those two are not on any official compatibility lists for You will want to generally stick strictly to that list for thermostats and door locks.

They are advertised specifically for use with Nexia. There have been more than a few problems with other such devices in the past.

The review I saw listed “Not being able to remotely set schedules” in the Con list. If true, I doubt any sort of support from would ever be added for these.

I have tested and installed over 30 of the Trane/American Standard 624 Thermostats without any issues.
The 824 does not work.

Some notes:
Be sure if using the scheduling feature to program thermostat you should turn off the “use Local Schedule” in the thermostat so they aren’t in conflict with each other.

Other than that this is as of today the most feature rich thermostat you can get that works with Now depending on what you need or want to do many others will also work but their are some unique features that you can only get with this stat and no others.

  1. If using a Trane or American Standard variable speed unit, you connect the BK wire to the BK terminal on stat and unit. Be sure to check there is a jumper that may need clipped on some Trane/AS furnaces for this operation. What does this do? it allow the thermostat to communicate directly with the ECM blower to control blower speed that can be set at thermostat for continuous fan. Also allows a dehumidification feature on these furances.
  2. If in area where you have a heat pump with a gas furnace as backup (Duel Fuel) it is the only thermostat that will do this without a complicated duel fuel kit. By connecting an outdoor sensor, you can then set an outdoor temp. you want it to switch from H/P to Gas heat where it makes economic or comfort sense.
  3. Has built-in humidifier connections and sensor allows for humidity sending.
  4. I mentioned sensor connections. You can also connect a wired second sensor. It can be averaged or the primary sensor, overruling the stats temp. sensor if wanted.
  5. Screen lock and guest lock options
  6. Filter reminder

Yes some of these items can be done with other stats except the BK wire option. But none can do all of these at the same time.

Here is why:
No other them