Any way to "interlink" multiple smkt3?

I have multiple SMKT3s in my home. I am doing some renovations and apparently code requires interlinked smoke detectors e.g. when one sounds they all sound. Is there any way to make the SMKT3s do this? I fear they are going to make me replace all 8 smoke detectors in my home…

No, the battery operated SMKT3 will not meet code requirement for NFPA Standard hardwired AC Interconnected smoke detectors where required. Often the upgrade may be required upon pulling permits. Only the smoke detector activated will sound, along with the panel, TS1, and any additional sirens added.

The Firefighter can be used to monitor all interconnected hardwired smoke detectors if they are required, as it sits next to one and listens for the siren cadence, at which point it alerts the alarm panel. SMKT3s can also be used as supplementary devices.