Any way to allow lock status as a condition for recording rules?

I’m finding it difficult to find a good balance between too many vs too few camera notifications. Notifications without limits is a bit annoying – e.g I don’t need 100 notifications every time I step outside to do some yard work, but I still do want notifications when someone delivers a package. Seems the only conditions for videos rules are based on the time, alarm status, or geofence. Any way to set these recording rules to be based on something more in the middle? Like… whether the front door is locked?

Lock status cannot be used as a condition for whether or not videos record. I’m happy to pass this as a request to ADC.

Using the time of day, arming status, or geofences would be available as options. Arming status would be the easiest to control. You could also optionally turn off a video rule manually in, then turn it back on when you are done performing work outside.