Any Reviews on the ADC Thermostat Yet?

Anyone around here using them enough to provide any feedback? Thinking I’d like to add those into the mix before too long, but since it’s relatively new, there’s not much feedback on them yet.

I’ve been using them for a few weeks. What do you want to know?

I’ve been using it here as well. I think they look great and are very simple to use, almost a bit too simple. Just know that at the thermostat you can’t turn on fans only, you’ll need to use your app or ADC website to do that. Unless there is something I haven’t figured out. It only has 3 buttons, Up Down and mode.

Installation was simple, it’s fast to repond with my IQ panel and works great with the ADC scheduling. It will be a simple thermostat without ADC service.

They include a small installation frame if your old thermostat was bigger and you need to cover up some holes. If it has a 24v C Wire it will act as a Zwave repeater as it has a ZWave plus module in it and updates very fast with the panel. The frame that you screw to the wall even includes a small bubble level which I think is a nice touch.

Cool. Mostly just looking for general impressions. That helps a good bit. They seem solid overall, like not going to go south in a year kind of thing?

They’ve only been out a couple of months tops, so no long term testing is available yet however the build quality looks good. The board is nicely laid out and it doesn’t look like it was assembled in someone’s mom’s basement :wink: The thermostat is actually built by Building 36 and rebranded ADC.

The interface is dead simple with all of the heavy lifting being done on the ADC website or mobile app as Donato said. Plus they look nice.

The thermostat is actually built by Building 36 and rebranded ADC.

Not just rebranded ADC, acquired by ADC.