Any known issues with

Hey guys I was wanting a second opinion are you all aware of any issues with iq panel plus verzion not reporting correctly on zone activity as well arming alerts ??

There is nothing reported at this time. What are you seeing and what firmware is the alarm panel on?

The latest software and My parent system sensor activity isn’t showing as it should on and also there delay in send arming alerts for example today at 11am the motion detector went Idle and never once after that is there any record of any motion being detected by that sensor and then at 1:00 this afternoon my mom armed the alarm and left the house I didn’t get an actual text alert until 20 after only reason I know when she left was my alert from my ring doorbell and also at that same time is when the sensor activity updated on of the front door open and closed and as well the motion detector detecting motion

2.6.0 is the most recent, only available via patch tag.

Try powering down the panel fully. Disarm it, power it down via Advanced Settings > Power Down. Unplug the power supply from the wall, then disconnect the internal battery. Wait about 5 minutes then restore power to the panel battery first. Afterwards test for resolution.