Any experience with Indigo?

Indigo is an HA controller system for OSX.

Any experience with setting up a 2Gig system as a sub-controller in an Indigo system, as an alternate to using a Vera system?

I’m specifically wondering about doing most of the HA control (triggers, timers, etc) in Indigo, but connecting the door locks to the 2Gig and controlling them from Indigo via 2Gig. Indigo can’t do door locks directly.


I am unfamiliar with Indigo-2Gig interaction, but in my experience with Vera, the 2Gig panel cannot support zwave nodes learned into it directly when it is set as a secondary controller. Any that are learned in prior to being designated secondary will disappear, and the new controller will not see them.

My guess then is that what you are asking about won’t work in any capacity, unless the communication between Indigo and 2Gig is different than Vera and 2Gig in that the Indigo can take over the sub controller’s devices. In any case, control over the lock would be lost at the 2Gig panel in my experience.