Annoying keyfob arming delay with Qolsys IQ P2

Hi all,

Just upgraded my panel from Simon XT to Qolsys IQ 2, and while things have been mostly good, we painfully realized that the TX-E101 Keyfob we use now has a 3-4 second delay after the click on the fob and before panel acknowledges and goes into Stay Arm. Disarming is almost immediate, which adds to the mystery.

This is a bit problematic for the impatient family members among us: being used to the immediate arming with Simon XT, I now have folks think the first button click did not register and they click again during that delay, which accidentally puts the system in “Armed Away” mode and naturally false alarms ensue.

Any thoughts/insights/hacks to eliminate this delay? I changed the fob battery, deleted/re-added the keyfob to the system to no avail. In settings, keyfob instant arming is enabled as well.


That delay is there because of the way the arming works from those keyfobs and IQ S-Line fobs. It allows the user time to press and hold twice to arm away instead of stay. There is no way to remove the delay, it is present even if instant arming is removed and countdown occurs.

I see, thanks Jason. Is there a fob out there that does not have that delay?

The PowerG 4 button fob has distinct Away and Stay buttons, but I am not certain if it avoids the delay or if it applies to all keyfobs. I’ll see if I can test one or get a confirmation from Qolsys for you on that and follow up here.

The PG9939 should resolve the issue for you regardless since it uses distinct away and stay buttons, but Qolsys indicates the delay is not present for the PG9939, so it should also respond faster to input.

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I have this fob, there is no delay.

Edit: I have the 9929, which is also a 4button fob. No delay.

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