Anker Bluetooth speaker lag


I noticed the panel speaker isn’t remotely close to being as loud as my old alarm panel. The volume adjusted at max can’t be heard throughout the house. I purchase the anker a3102 speaker and was able to pair it with the panel. However, all the voice announcements are delayed. Instead of saying “garage door opened” it will only say “open.” The lag is so bad it makes the speaker useless.

Is anyone else using a Bluetooth speaker?

How far away is that Anker speaker from the panel?

Same issue here. Has anyone successfully used a Bluetooth speaker with Qolsys IQ2 since the panel’s sound is quote weak? Tried the Anker A3102 as mentioned on several posts and sites but just like itsjordan states, there are a lot of issues such as missing announcement, no announcements, missing words… It is about 10 ft from the panel.

you may wish to try another BT speaker if you have one laying around. Supposedly the IQ2 panel works with ANY BT speaker.

Qolsys only lists 2 speakers as compatible both are from Anker:

  • Anker Soundcore A3108 and A3109 Models.

The Anker Soundcore A3102 was but Anker made some changes on with firmware with this model that can cause an issue with the panels voice/chime annunciation.